EnREAL: Solar Energy Solutions on Costa Blanca / Spain
EnREAL: Solar Energy Solutions on Costa Blanca / Spain

Buenos dias Señor Peter.

Did you hear the trumpets blowing their latest news? I just came from my bank, and saw a nice increase in the total amout! Valencia PAID, no further paperwork needed. They just booked the money of the subsidies. Isn’t that great? 

Super big thanks to yourself for helping us so well. When you are in the neighborhood please pass by for a coffee or two.  

And beyond that, both electric and solar heating systems are performing very well now with the cold and very sunny days. So far for the update from very happy people!

Best regards, Jan from Castalla (2016)

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Solar Central Heating

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Preconditions for solar central heating in Spain:

  • relatively well insulated buildings (at least double glazing)
  • a low-temperature heating would be good, such as under floor heating, aluminum radiators or skirting board heating (e.g. Climaboard)
  • the size of the solar collector array will be bigger (some 8 - 16 m²)
  • the solar buffer tank will be bigger, too (> 800 l)

In the Comunidad de Valencia, you will be getting grants for solar central heating that is usually accompanied with solar domestic hot water (ACS = agua caliente sanitaria).

For that reason, experiences have shown that the so-called 2-tank-solution offers a maximum of comfort to the client. The smaller ACS tank of some 200 - 300 liters will be heated first until it has reached a certain temperature. Then, the solar circuit switches to the bigger central heating tank of some 800 - 1.000 liters. This set of tanks guarantees that you will always be having hot water in order to take a shower the next morning.

All our clients on Costa Blanca - regardless if their "old" backup heating system is gas or oil - found out that they will save some 60 - 70 % of their original heating costs. If, for instance, a househood needed originally 16 gas bottles (35 kg each), they will afterwards only require some 4 gas bottles per year!

However, one of the most important reasons - besides the financial aspect - to decide in favour of an installation for solar central heating is comfort! During winter time - and regardless if the property owners are staying in the house or visiting their families over Christmas and New Year - the house will heated by the sun without generating any costs. Not only will the house be having a very comfortable warmth, it will also reduce humidity within the building!

The CEE after the solar plant for central heating and domestic warm water has been installed.
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