EnREAL: Solar Energy Solutions on Costa Blanca / Spain
EnREAL: Solar Energy Solutions on Costa Blanca / Spain

Solar Domestic Hot Water

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According to the Spanish Builing Regulations (the Código Técnico de Edificación; 2006) solarthermal installations for domestic hot water are compulsory in case of new constructions! For that reason Valencia does NOT grant any subsidies for new buildings. 

However, you may apply for grants if the house is older and you therefore want to improve the energetical balance of the building. 

If you are only interested in solar domestic hot water, you will have the choice between two different technologies:

  • The so-called compact or thermosiphon installations have the solar tank sitting ontop of the solar collector. Those systems are rather low-priced and you can see them quite often along the coastlines. One of their disadvantages is simply their structure. Since compact installations are located outside the building, the water inside the hot water tank will loose its temperature during cool winter nights a lot faster compared to a solarthermal system, where the solar tank is located inside the builing and thus disconnected from the solar panel.
  • This is the scenario of the second type of solarthermal installations for domestic hot water. You have one or more solar panels on the roof or outside the building and they are conneted to the solar hot water tank by a closed solar circuit, which may even contain some antifreeze. Although being a bit more expensive then a compact system, comfort and security are significantly higher in the case of this 2nd scenario.

We can offer you both solutions.

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